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Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream

We proudly present to you the Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream guaranteed that your tattoo will bring to perfection what the artist had imagined .
The first professional studio for tattooing and piercing in Macedonia SKIN ART, after 29 years of work and tradition, looking back, found that the care of the tattoo after tattooing is just as important as the tattoo itself . Therefore we presented the longstanding formula of success transformed into Macedonian Magic®.
Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream will make your tattoo to be part of your skin.
Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream you can use for healing the tattoo skin in order to be softer and you can use it after the healing so the skin would be softer and the tattoo will always look like new .
Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream is perfect for use after sunbathing on every tattooed place because it soothes the skin and removes the feeling of tension , while it revitalise and moisturise the skin after exposure to sunlight .
Minerals, and vitamins that are part of the Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream is necessary for proper formation of epithelial tissues and maintenance of their integrity , because it accelerate the regeneration of irritated and damaged skin from external influences.

Macedonian Magic Creme

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Never forget how truly fragile your tattoo is! It’s maybe the newest thing ever but it’s your affection that keep her strong. Aftercare is non-negotiable. Take care of your TATTOO!

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