yyou finally did it. You got the tattoo you always wanted. It’s bright and it’s colorful and you want to take good care of it! From this point on, your tattooist is not responsible for any infection or problems you may have with your tattoo if you don’t take proper care of it. It is very important that you follow these guidelines. A really beautiful tattoo can turn into a disaster if the proper aftercare is not taken.

The TATTOO ARTIST’s from our studio will explain, they knows the best.Listen to them!

Be patient with healing times
Healing times depend on how well you heal and the size of the design. This can range anywhere from around a week for simple, small line designs, to several months for complex, larger designs. Keep following your aftercare instructions for as long as the artist told you to, and make sure the tattoo is kept well-moisturised and clean for a good few months after that, avoiding abrasive skin products.